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We've tested dozens of WEARABLE BREaST PUMPS so you don't have to!

Dianna Tralys - Full Time Researcher, Tester at MotherCare and a mom of three kids  - Written On March 3, 2022

We know how it is to juggle parenting, breastfeeding, pumping, childcare, work, and everything else you have to do as a mom.

That’s why we’re excited about the new generation of wireless and hands-free breast pumps that allow us to do other things while pumping that liquid gold.

Whether you're going back to work or simply emerging from the newborn haze and realize you might need a pump option that’s a little more mobile, you might consider investing in a wireless pump that can go with you wherever you go.

We have curated and tested some of the major hands free pump in the market, while listing each one's pros and cons.

And we have found a pump that you should buy with your eyes closed, it's affordable and amazing, we will let you find out our winner and also some of our stand-out picks.

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Twinkly Pump

If you are looking for a budget-friendly wireless pump, the Twinkly Electric hands free Breast Pump is definitely worth checking out. It is easy to take on-the-go and offers similar functionality as the more well-known pumps on this list. 

While using The Twinkly pump, you begin with a stimulation mode, then move to expressing mode when it detects your let-down has kicked in. Then the pump draws milk until you turn it off or it recognizes that the collection bottle is nearly full. In that case, it switches off automatically.It’s easy to use and clean, and also dishwasher-safe, with only five parts to clean and assemble per hub. It has adjustable suction levels. It’s wearable and works using the buttons. It can be used with three flange sizes (21 mm, 24 mm, and 28 mm). It’s made with BPA-free plastic.

Here is what a Twinkly Mom, Sarah, had to say:

“Pumping is challenging. Even if you are somehow satisfied with the amount of milk you are producing and you get past the incredible pain that can be associated with pumping, the fact that you are attached to a wall with cords and you can’t move is….well…beyond annoying. That’s why when I heard about the Twinkly Pump I was so excited I almost peed my pants (thanks postpartum symptoms).

I have a toddler and while using my old pump (while attached to the wall), my lovely 2.5-year-old decided his new favorite activity was turning on my tub water and throwing my clothes into it. All I could do was watch the disaster because there was no way I was going to unattach from my pump and delay being finished with my session. I knew there had to be a better way…and thank goodness there is with the Twinkly Pump.

Now I can chase after my son while pumping at the same time. Talk about feeling like a super mom! Women should all win an award for multitasking…just saying. Other things I like about this pump is that it’s easy to use if you watch the super helpful videos and you can just throw the milk bags directly in the fridge or freezer when you are done. I am also super excited to use this when I go back to work and not have to be attached to the darn wall.”


  • Cheaper than most wearable pumps in the market 
  • Directly pumps into the milk container cup with a design that prevents backflow.
  • The USB charger lets you recharge the batteries using your laptop, car USB, or power bankup to 80 minutes - three to six pumping sessions fully charged.
  • All pump parts are dishwasher safe and can be sterilized, except for the pump motor.
  • The closed system ensures that milk doesn’t backflow to other parts of the pump.
  • 5 adjustable suction levels
  • Two Modes: Pumping and Massaging


  • Cannot pump laying down.
  • Only has one size flange in the box.

elvie pump

The Elvie hands-free breast pump is a small, discreet unit that sits entirely inside your bra. The pump draws your milk directly into a container from which you decant it into a milk storage bag or bottle.

Just like the MilkyTwins, the Elvie begins with a stimulation mode, then moves to expressing mode when it detects your let-down has kicked in. Then the pump draws milk until you turn it off or it recognizes that the collection bottle is nearly full. In that case, it switches off automatically.

There are five dishwasher-safe parts to clean, and the breakdown, wash, and reassembly process is quick and easy.

While the Elvie is small enough to fit inside your bra, how obvious it is will depend on what clothes you’re wearing and your general build. For example, some users with a smaller physique feel the Elvie makes them look overly busty.


  • You can walk around and be reasonably active while using the Elvie.
  • Not silent but quiet enough to use in public without anyone noticing.
  • Comes with two charging cables.
  • Includes breast shields in two sizes.


  • It’s an expensive pump. The cost of just one hub ($279.99)
  • Occasionally backs up, not as powerful as some other models 
  • Steam sterilizers may warp nipple shields.
  • Cannot pump laying down.
  • If you only buy one hub, you’ll need to wait at least 60 minutes before you can use it on your second breast.
  • Shifting from an upright position may cause the sensors to kick in and turn the pump off.
  • You can’t use this while charging because of the automatic shut-off safety feature.
  • Lights on the pump can be visible beneath your clothes.
  • The manufacturer recommends replacing the pump parts every two months.

medela pump

The Freestyle Flex has a pump unit, or “brain,” which connects to the pumps on your breasts via tubing. Milk doesn’t enter the tubes; the tubing provides a vacuum seal, so there’s no need to worry about dismantling and cleaning fiddly little pipes.

The pump units sit against your breasts, pumping your milk into either the collection containers with the pump or directly into a bottle via an adaptor. As a whole, this piece of the Freestyle Flex looks and feels like a standard hand pump and bottle set-up.

The big contradiction with the Medela pump is that it’s wireless, so you’re not tethered to a chair by a power outlet, but you have to hold the pumps against your breasts. This limits what you can do while pumping.

The only way around this is to buy the Medela pumping bra, which will hold the pumps against your breast. But the pump is still bulky enough to prevent you from holding a squirming baby while in use.


  • The pump is quiet enough to use at night without disturbing anyone.
  • Allows you to walk about while pumping.
  • You can pump directly into standard Medela bottles.


  • Requires a special bra to be hands-free.
  • Cannot be worn under clothes.
  • The cups aren’t always spill-proof. So you’ll still need to stay in one position while pumping so that you won’t spill the milk.
  • Some moms find it difficult to latch with the wearable hands-free pump. This could lead to leaks or decreased amount of milk collected.
  • Shifting from an upright position may cause the sensors to kick in and turn the pump off.
  • Speed and suction levels cannot be set for each breast.

haakaa pump

The Haakaa is unique in the hands-free breast pump market because it does not use any external power. Instead, you squeeze the air out of the flexible Haakaa, place it against your breast, and let go. The resulting vacuum draws the milk from your breast with steady suction.

For some users, the Haakaa can be attached to the breast and simply left alone. But the majority of users find it best to wear the pump with a specialized pumping bra.

This pump isn’t something you can easily use while walking around in public.There are no parts to assemble, clean, and sterilize, and the Haakaa can be sterilized in boiling water for two or three minutes.

You can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher, and the large opening makes it easy to clean.Because no power source is needed, you can use the Haakaa anywhere, and this is the only pump on the list that is entirely silent.


  • Can be used to capture let-down milk from one breast while you feed from the other.
  • The only completely silent hands-free breast pump.
  • No power source required.


  • Many users require a pumping bra.
  • Not suitable for exclusive pumpers.
  • Measurements on the Haakaa are inaccurate.
  • Not too strong for pumping, only for leaked milk

willow pump

Willow is another popular wireless breast pump, and like the Elvie it is worn under your clothing. It has no cords or tubes and is very quiet.

The Willow comes with a 24mm breast shield, though the 27mm size is available to order separately. It uses its own milk bags for easy storage, but it is an additional cost, especially if you are exclusively pumping.

There is less to clean with the Willow: the shield and tube that connects to the pump. These are also dishwasher safe. Users report that the battery will last the whole day if it is fully charged, which can take about two hours.


  • Fits inside a standard bra.
  • All in one, with no tubes to clean.
  • Seven suction levels.
  • Can pump into a container or directly into unique Willow milk storage bags.
  • Willow bags allow you to pump laying down or while bending.


  • more expensive than other pumps ($499.99)
  • Not as powerful as some other models
  • The Willow milk storage bags are 3.5 times more expensive than standard milk storage bags.
  • The milk container is only 4 oz
  • Only has one size flange in the box.
  • It doesn’t have an option for USB charging
  • There’s only one AC charger with the box. So you can’t charge both pumps simultaneously. 

What are the benefits of a wireless breast pump?

Wireless breast pumps have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more high-tech options than ever. These types of pumps are great because they’re portable and allow you to multitask or pump on the go, says Jacqueline Kincer, an international board-certified lactation consultant and founder of Holistic Lactation. “For the mother who truly needs to be multitasking, a wireless pump will allow her to continue to produce milk for her baby where this otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.”

Not sure if you need a wireless pump? First, consider how you spend your day. Wearable or wireless pumps can be useful for workplaces — or any public place, for that matter — where you don't have easy access to an electrical outlet, notes Julie Cunningham, M.P.H., R.D., an international board-certified lactation consultant. These pumps can be especially helpful if you have a job that doesn't let you easily take a break to express milk as often as you might need to, notes Kincer.

Stay-at-home moms may appreciate wireless pumps, too, though, especially if you have older children, says Kincer. "[You] can pump while taking older kids to school, taking care of the household or just to save time."

What to consider when buying a wireless breast pump

There are more wireless and wearable pumps on the market than ever, but that means there are a few factors to consider before purchasing one, experts say. Start with these key questions:

How much does it cost?

Wireless pumps tend to be more expensive than plug-into-the-wall units, notes Kincer. “Most of these pumps also have custom milk storage bags that are more expensive than the other ones on the market, so your upfront and long-terms costs will also be higher than other pumps." Consider your budget before investing.

Is the pump hands-free?

There are some pumps that are wireless and battery-operated, but they really require a mom to hold the pump with one hand while pumping,” says Cunningham. Others are truly wearable and can be used hands-free. 

Do I need to pump one breast at a time or both breasts at the same time?

This one usually comes down to price, says Cunningham. “Double wireless pumps are significantly more expensive.

Will I be able to express milk without some peace and quiet?

 “Just because the technology will allow a mom to pump while clothed and without much noise doesn't mean that mom's body will cooperate,” notes Cunningham. “Many moms find that they need to take a minute or two to relax, look at a picture of their baby or smell a piece of their baby's clothing before they are able to get their milk to ‘let down.’” Since wireless pumps can be pricier, this is worth knowing about yourself before purchasing a pump.

And the Winner is..

Twinkly Breast Pump

We rated the Twinkly Pump as the best affordable wearable pump without breaking the bank.

It is the cheapest of all the hands free pumps we have tested and has 180ml cups, and it has 80 minutes battery life that can last up to six pumping sessions.

It can be quite handy if you want to pump discreetly while in public or on the go.and you can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher, the large opening makes it easy to clean.

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